Nominations for the 2020 Raleigh Hall of Fame are currently open.

Nominations are due by March 13, 2020.

  • The Nominee must have made a significant and noteworthy contribution to the City of Raleigh. Relevant considerations include civic, business and professional accomplishments.
  • The Nominee may be living or deceased.
  • The Nominee’s achievements must have enduring value and lasting importance.
  • Members of the Board of Directors of the Raleigh Hall of Fame, the Advisory Board and Selection Committee, and members of their immediate families, are not eligible for induction while serving in such capacity and for a period of two (2) years thereafter.
  • Only individuals (not couples) are eligible for nomination. A separate nomination form must be filled out for each Nominee.

To nominate an individual for induction into the Raleigh Hall of Fame, please complete the nomination form and submit a statement explaining the significance and value of the contribution(s) the Nominee has made to Raleigh. The statement should be no more than three pages, double-spaced. Please include pertinent information that supports consideration of your candidate. Specific qualities and characteristics should address the following:

  • Effectiveness — How did the actions of this person affect our City? Are we a better City for these efforts? Did he/she contribute in a way that still affects us today? Did his/her contribution(s) help distinguish Raleigh throughout the state and/or nation?
  • Years of Service to Raleigh – Over what period of time did this person make his/her contribution(s)? Has his/her contribution(s) had a cumulative and continuing effect? Please provide an example(s) and explain.
  • Longevity — Over what period of time did this person make his/her contribution(s)? Has his/her contribution(s) had a cumulative and continuing effect?
  • Leadership — Was this person a trailblazer? Did he/she face or overcome adversity to reach his/her goals? Was he/she a role model for others?
  • Impact on Raleigh — How did his/her contribution(s) make a lasting and significant impact on Raleigh?

Additional supporting material that documents and directly attests to the Nominee’s contributions, achievements and character may be included, such as supporting letters.

If your nominee is chosen for induction, you or a designee will be requested to be the Nominator/Partner to the Raleigh Hall of Fame induction process which includes:

  1. Attending the Partner’s Breakfast (early June) at which a package of information will be distributed detailing the November Induction Ceremony;
  2. Assisting in providing information necessary to promote the event and your inductee.

** Please print and sign the Nominator’s Statement and either scan it and submit it via email to or mail in the paper copy. **

2020 Nomination Form for an Individual

And mail to:

Raleigh Hall of Fame
Attention: Selection Committee
Post Office Box 6128
Raleigh, North Carolina 27628-6128

If you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact our Event Coordinators, Laura Isley at and Fraley Marshall at