Many thanks to our sponsors, whose support made the 2019 event a fabulous success!


Capitol Broadcasting Company/WRAL-TV5


City of Raleigh

Julia & Frank Daniels


Brown-Wynne Funeral Homes

Williams Mullen

in memory of Ronnie Shavlik


  • Ralph Capps

  • The Dormies in honor of Harvey A. Schmitt
  • Duke Energy

  • Friends of City of Raleigh Museum in honor of Dianne Davidian

  • Golden Corral Corporation
  • Latta House Foundation in memory of Reverend Morgan L. Latta
  • Marsh & McLennon Agency in honor of J. Blount Williams
  • Betsy & Tom Morrison in honor of Tammy Lynn Center

  • North State Bank 

  • Elizabeth and Dan Page in honor of Marjorie O’Rourke

  • Southern First Bank
  • Transitions LifeCare
  • WakeMed in honor of J. Blount Williams
  • William Peace University
  • Williams Realty and Building Co. Inc. in honor of J. Blount Williams
  • The Smedes York Family


  • Prentiss and Frank Baker in honor of Van Eure, Greg Hatem, Roddy Jones and J. Blount Williams

  • Bell Family Foundation in honor of all 2019 Inductees

  • The Car Park/McLaurin Parking

  • Joyce and Dennis Kekas
  • Vicky Langley in honor of J. Blount Williams
  • Methodist Home for Children in honor of Diane Blackwell Davidian

  • Terry and Sankey Moore-Painter in honor of Tammy Lynn Center

  • Newcomb and Company in honor of Tammy Lynn Center
  • Gina & Barry Scott, Gina Scott & Associates Inc.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood Smith in honor of Van Eure and Roddy Jones

  • Smith Anderson

  • Stewart, Inc. in honor of Tammy Lynn Center
  • Towne Bank
  • Weathersoon & Voltz LLP in honor of Greg Hatem

  • Carter Worthy
  • Bob Wynne in honor of Sabrina Goode


  • Ann-Cabell Baum – Glenwood Agency

  • Mary Mac & Tom Bradshaw

  • AJ and Nancy Carr

  • The Cresimore family in honor of Dianne Davidian, Van Eure & Roddy Jones

  • Dick and Marlene Daugherty

  • Randy and Pam Fraser

  • Sig and Nancy Hutchinson
  • The Latta Family in memory of the Rev. Morgan L. Latta
  • Henry A. Mitchell, Jr.
  • Raleigh Chamber in honor of Harvey A. Schmitt
  • Delores White Revis
  • Ronald and Linda Rogers

  • Kristi Tally in honor of all the 2019 Inductees
  • Darius and Courtney Mack Telfaire

  • John A. Ward