Serve on the Board




The Raleigh Hall of Fame is a completely volunteer board comprised of various community professionals who dedicate their time and passion to the mission. Nothing happens unless we do it, so we are seeking organized, engaged, and thoughtful people committed to help make a difference. 


  • Raleigh Hall of Fame induction ceremony 
  • Raleigh Hall of Fame inductee brunch


Each board member is assigned to (1) event and (1) non-event committee. These committees are tasked with the operations of the non-profit, event logistics and ensuring fundraising efforts are met. These are by no means exclusive and all-hands are encouraged to help whenever possible. 


Fundraising through corporate sponsors and community engagement are a major part of board responsibility. Each applicant must be comfortable seeking connections to possible sponsors throughout the community for engagement. We do expect each Board member to raise at a minimum $500 annually by reaching out to their networks for Sponsorships of the Raleigh Hall of Fame. 


We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month for our monthly board meetings. These typically last about (1-1.5) hours and involve the meat of the organization’s decisions. Each committee works out its own schedule for meetings which can range from as needed, once a month, or several times a month depending on need/upcoming events or initiatives. Monthly board meeting attendance is a minimum requirement. The best board members are often the busiest people, so we understand life and illness can get in the way on occasion. However, priority will be given to applicants that can ensure attendance at all board meetings and other events throughout the year. 

Here is a rough outline of the calendar for 2022 (*remember – each Board term is actually 2 years):

  • February 1st – applications due for new Board members
  • February 9th –Board meeting for existing Board and vote for new members
  • February 10th/11th – new Board members notified 
  • March 9th – New members join the exiting Board for the March meeting
  • April 13th – April Board meeting
  • May 11th – May Board meeting
  • June 8th – June Board meeting
  • July – no meeting
  • August 10th – August Board meeting
  • September 14th – September Board meeting
  • October 12th – October Board meeting
  • October/November (TBD)- Inductee Ceremony
  • November 9th – November Board meeting 
  • December – no December Board meeting


Every board member is appointed a 2-year term. Initially this sounds lengthy, but it is just the right amount of time to really engage board members in the Raleigh Hall of Fame organization. Life, work, and family can change significantly in two years, so we are adaptable to board members who must recuse themselves early from their commitment. We entrust each member to be open with communication and allow the board an opportunity to replace their vacancy. Each board member may renew their term for up to 3 terms for a total of 6 terms. 


Being a Board member of the Raleigh Hall of Fame does not cost the member anything financially. However, we do expect each Board member to raise at a minimum $500 by reaching out to their networks for Sponsorships of the Raleigh Hall of Fame annual dinner.